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14. září 2008 v 11:33 | Inu-chan |  avatary

Wishing the night away stunna shades 001 Dare to be Different ill just pretend to hug you until you get here Surf's Up Summertime bring it summer 07 BiGGiESLovefierce fashion All Star star fishLoveLoveLove
love hand hearts flower for you Love Crossing Worst Day Ever heart Blowing Kisses To No One. kiss Loving You- Lets keep it this way FOREVER I Love You Sweet Zanessa forever converse love Just another love icon
love comes in different colors. peace, love, & life Time of your life by x;Morgan Love is a language... dear cupid we have to talk about your aim Fer Sure . The Medic Droid love story Rainbow I'm Not Extinct, I'm Shy My Chemical Romance - Sleep waiting Say Anything (Else) ll Cartel ll xKCx The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls - [rachel] You Love It Fuel to the Arson -- Anberlin &kat memories Everything reminds me of you. -lovecarly wishesx Oh I Wish just like ipods--| x3Valerie Summer Love
Love MeMy Everythingkiss me in the rainIfdoodlesHeroForeverAll You Need is Lovelove like thisblinking heartall i wantedthinking about love (not you)Live in LoveHeart in ShadowI LOVE YOUKissLove knows no bounds.Make me. Draw me. Erase Me.Love is..waiting flowersLove (:Just One Kiss To AwakeKnight In Shining ArmorI hate Ubroken heartHeartKiss me in the rainSummerSummer luvcuteluvHeart


Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 sonusa sonusa | Web | 16. září 2008 v 22:10 | Reagovat

ahoj mas ten obrazok dufam ze sa ti bude pacit

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